About Us

Who are we?

We at LockyourStay are people just like you who wished to make some aspect of life simpler for all.
We provide a one stop solution for you if you are looking for an accommodation in another city which is practically unknown to you.

Our Story

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. With a consistent GDP growth rate of around 7%, it is gradually moving towards being one of the biggest economies. Couple that with the Make in India campaign, a lot of employment opportunities are about to come up. This will see a good number of people moving from towns and villages to cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata(to name a few) where they may move to pursue their dreams.
Moving to these three economic powerhouses of our country comes with a big struggle of finding an accommodation!
Finding a place to stay in three of the biggest and most populous metropolitan cities of India, can never be easy.

A few years ago, we grabbed our opportunity that came across our way and some of us moved to the cultural capital of the south, Chennai, some to the power house in the east and some to the financial capital of our country, Mumbai. We packed our bags and let out to the unknown, to the world where we could see all our dreams come true.
What's the first thing you'd do if you moved to a new city?
Search for an accommodation.

We did the same. We browsed the internet, asked a few locals for good paying guests in Chennai and visited every place only to be mostly left disappointed because of the place already been booked or not matching our priorities.
Eventually, we managed to find ourselves a paying guest in Chennai, close to our workplace but we had to face a lot of difficulties. The same routine for the other cities.

That's when we came up with the concept of Lock your Stay!

What we do?

We make you free from the trouble of having to book a temporary stay in a city & then having to go through all the probably suitable accommodations you had browsed the internet for.
You can do all that sitting on your couch, relaxed.
Just log in to our website, browse through the available pg or hostel accommodations and select the one most favourable to you.
Moreover, you get it all at a minimal booking charge, no need of paying high brokerage charges any more.