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5 key points for your dream bedroom design

It’s the last place you see before you fall asleep (well, most of the times at least). If you don’t get the design right, you might end up having nightmares instead of dreams. It’s your bedroom we are talking about. The living room is what gets you appreciation from guests, it’s the bedroom you want to be the apple of your eye.

Here we look at 5 key points to keep in mind while designing the room of your dreams.

1. The Bed!

The heart of your bedroom is the bed. It’s important to get the one which perfectly matches your needs.

For your kids’ bedroom, a bunker bed design would be the way to go.

Bunker Bed


In case if you don’t need 2 child beds, you can go for a bunker bed with a study table.

Bunker bed with Study Table


In case you are of the Live Life King Size bandwagon, you can give a royal touch to your life by going for a Royal bed for your bedroom.

Royal Bed Royal Bed

Normal double beds are also no harm, in fact they’d look great if the surroundings are matched accordingly as we mention later.

couple bed


2. The Colour:

Monochrome colour styles for the bedroom are a great choice. A light blue & white touch to the room makes it look like the perfect place to have sweet dreams.

Blue and White

Moreover, black and white also does justice to the overall appearance of your bedroom.


Black & White

You can also try mixing few colours and give a pleasant appearance to your bedroom.


Light coloured bedroom


White, Red & Black


3. The Bed Wall

The wall behind the bed is the next most obvious thing someone would look at. Instead of the normal colour shades, think out of the box and have a small book shelf which you can reach out just before calling it a night.

Handy Book Shelf

A textured wall is the most famous of the lot but even that can be given a unique look.

Textured Wall

You can also go for some modern bedroom wall ideas like the ones shown below to give it an exciting look.

Artistic wall Amazing wall painting
Modern bedwall

4. The Closet

Your bedroom closet can also be used to add to the aesthetics of your room. How about a transparent or a translucent walk in closet?

Transparent closet closet

Here’s a bonus section to make you think more and give you some more ideas.

5. How about a totally themed bedroom design? Like a Musical Bedroom!


music theme music theme

Or if you are a footy freak, here’s what you might want to think about.

FC Barcelona theme

It would be the best choice to fall asleep surrounded by the colours of your team, wouldn’t it?

Tell us how you liked it and we at LockYourStay will come back with some cool amazing ideas. Stay Tuned. . .

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