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5 Key points to make your kitchen a fantastic place!

The kitchen is not just a place where cooking & eating happens. It’s the heart of your home. It’s the place where the entire family gathers every morning and evening and have some heart to heart discussions with each other while we refill our bellies. It’s the place where much of the ‘Family-time’ is spent.

So why not take some time out and design the kitchen in a way that every memory you have of it is a memorable one.

We at Lock Your Stay aim at simplifying your effort by 5 key points to make your kitchen a fantastic place.

  1. Style of the kitchen

There are many modern and unique kitchen themes which you would want to check out before going for the ever-so-common traditional kitchen styles.

Natural Kitchen

Stone kitchen walls Stone Kitchen design

You can go with a completely natural look for your kitchen or a stone based kitchen theme as shown in the pictures above.

rustic kitchen Rustic kitchen

A rustic look also gives you(and your guests)  a break from the simple kitchen appearances.

modern kitchen

A modern kitchen design also looks perfect.

  1. Colour theme of the kitchen

Lately, there are an increasingly large number of people going with the colour black!
A monochrome colour theme looks quite elegant even in the kitchen.

Monochrome kitchen

Moreover, you can always have a mix of black and some other colour, red being more favoured because of the exquisitely modern feel that it radiates.

Modern feel with red & black theme

Even blue provides for a rather ‘cool’ colour option.

Blue coloured cool themeBlue colour theme

  1. Kitchen wallpaper

By far, the most underrated element in a kitchen. Though if beautifully planned & executed, a brilliant wallpaper does more good to your kitchen.

Kitchen wallpaper 1 kitchen wallpaper 2

  1. Kitchen Shelves

Women love kitchens that can accommodate more and yet appear to be quite ‘roomy’. Smartly designed shelves can save much of the space while accommodating all that you want to stuff in that little place of your house.

Kitchen shelves Open kitchen shelves

  1. Dining table

That’s the heart of the kitchen.

It’s the place where most of the family time is actually spent.

You can go for chairs that not only feel comfortable but also look elegant for your dining table!

Comfortable dining table & chairs

A classy round table depending on the size of your family also looks pretty perfect.

Round dining table

& how about having a suitable chandelier just above your dining table. As seen in most of the pictures above, having a chandelier just adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

chandelier in a rusty kitchen

Elegant chandeliers

That’s it from the kitchen department. Stay tuned as we at Lock Your Stay come up with other great ideas for making your house a better place.

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