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9 Tips to improve the interiors of your living room

Today we’ll share some cool ideas to give your house refreshed look from the inside. The design of the living room leaves a lasting impact on whoever visits your place so you might not want it to look any less than the best you’ve seen.

Here are 9 great ideas by Lock Your Stay to enhance the interiors of your living room.


  1. Colour Schemes

The colours you choose for the walls and ceilings also need a lot of planning. You can plan the rest of the furniture in the line of the colour of your house or plan the colours in such a way that it creates a flow in the sense that you can use the same colour or two throughout all the rooms with a different shade. Or the colour of the wall in one room can be the colour of the ceiling in another.

You might also want to ditch the usual bright colours and instead go for some unorthodox colour combinations like black & white.

Black & White Colour SchemeBlack & White


  1. A cool wallpaper!

Generally the wallpaper is on the wall where the television is placed. For a change, you can try having a wallpaper behind the sofa like the picture shown below.


  1. Picture Ledge

Huge photo frames over the bed or over the sofa are also quite common. People have them all the time, be it a family photo or a couple photo, it’s a very common sight.

Instead you can go for a photo ledge. It would be something different and something better.

Photo Ledge

  1. The Coffee Table

One of the most underrated piece of furniture is the coffee table! It’s something around which all your seating arrangement in the living room is centered, isn’t it?

Well, having a good coffee table is a big bonus if you want to hit the perfect score with the guests who’ll then be visiting you often.

Coffee Table

Or guess what?!
Have NO coffee table at all!

Not having a coffee table gives you the advantage of having extra space in your living room and it can make way for more lavish seating arrangements.

No coffee table in the arrangement

  1. Seating Arrangements

Having a comfy seating in your living room will also win you some hearts. If you don’t want to go mainstream and have a sofa surrounded by chairs centered around a coffee table, you can skip the sofa completely and just have chairs. After all, who doesn’t like a chair of his own.

No Sofa, Just ChairsNo Sofas, Only Chairs

Or how about going a bit insane and having a swing in your living room?

Swing in the living room

Doesn’t look as absurd as it sounds, right?

You can even get a single swing instead of this one, would definitely look great & out of the box.


  1. Flora in your living room

Having plants in your living room is also a good idea. Whether it is some kind of cactus or a flowering plant, make sure it doesn’t invite more insects than you would’ve expected and make sure your living room looks less like a garden.

If you’re someone who likes it more green, you can go for a green wall in your living room.

Green Wall

  1. Spiral staircase

Yes you read it right. Normal stairs are too mainstream. If placed well, a spiral staircase can also look classy.

Spiral Staircase

  1. Under stair storage

If you are going for a traditional staircase, you can make it unique by making it a storage too.

Under Stair Storage

You can also make it a mini library and also try for some other idea, unique to you.

Under stair book storage

  1. Lighting

One of the most important things is the kind and amount of lighting you have in your living room. Having the right amount of light is very essential.


You wouldn’t want it to be any more or less bright than needed.

Apart from the normal lightings, you can also go for a chandelier that adds to the look and feel.



If you liked this blog, stay tuned for our next one on some cool ideas for your bedroom by Lock Your Stay.

Happy Living!

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