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5 fathers day gift ideas to make the day special…

A Father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first superhero!

This Father’s day, say goodbye to the old fashioned gift ideas. We at lock your stay, have 5 unique father’s day gift ideas you might want to try,to make it more special.

A date with his favourite wine

Remember the wine your dad always wanted to sip but couldn’t as he had more important things to take care of(now at least he won’t have to worry about your accommodation, thanks to LockYourStay) ? Or the one time when he expressed his desire to have a drink with his son, talking about life’s philosophies and the days of his youth? Well then, go ahead and sip it up with him and make it a memorable date.

Get him the Book he always wanted to read

If your dad likes to read more than anything else, he’ll always have that one book in mind which he’d want to read. If he’s into philosophy, then you might want to give him The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. If he likes fantasy novels then A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R. Martin. If he likes thrillers than Sidney Sheldon or Dan Brown would be amazing picks.
Give him one and see him smile for a long time.

Revive his old ride

As crazy as it may sound but if your dad loves his ride, it’s never a bad idea to get it updated. Maybe get him new tints or add some more chrome. Or add a top class sound system which he’d love to have or just that retouch of colour.

A post card

It’s never too late to thank your father forthe numerous scienceproblems he solved in your childhood to the life problems he helped you with in your youth. Or apologise for the numerous times you acted rude and unreasonable or you misunderstood his love and care for “restrictions” on your freedom.
If you are miles away from home, it makes it even more special. Getting a letter from the son/daughter who lives miles will surely melt his heart.


The most important thing you can give him is your TIME!
He might not ask for anything more but he’d definitely wishyou’d spend some time with him. Not just Father’s day but every day. Cancel those plans for a weekend, spend some time with your old man and hear to what he has to say. Other assignments can wait but time & tide wait for no man. Don’t let it slip, he deserves a much bigger portion of your time.

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