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Happy Father’s Day

It is universally known that a mother’s love is unconditional. But one thing we can’t ignore is the fact that fathers aren’t anyway behind in that matter. A father’s role is far more than just being the ‘second parent’ in the family.

A father’s love is as unconditional as a mother’s love.

He’ll always be there from the time you take your first breath to the time he takes his last.

Father's Day

Your father will always be there to help solve your problems in algebra and also your problems in life.

He’s the best career counsellor and the best relationship advisor that you’ll ever have.

He is the one who’ll buy you your favourite toy & get you tickets to your favourite concert by sacrificing his own desires. Remember, it just took a moment when your dad shed his carefree attitude, his will for adventure, his obsession with buying the latest gadgets when he was blessed with your responsibility, your need for a stable childhood and your wants & desires for things as you grew up, from a small toy to your first tricycle, from your summer camps to your adventure trips, from your first bicycle to your favourite motor cycle.

Father's Day

He gave up his hobbies to give you the much needed time important for your development as a child, as well as when you’re in need for guidance when you’re in your teens. He is the one who helped you pass through your first ever experience of a heart break & warned you about that guy you needed to stay away from. He’s been nothing less than your pillar of strength & your personal shield. He is your superhero, your Batman.

Sigmund Freud

“I cannot think of any other need as strong as the need of a Father’s protection” -Sigmund Freud

He even gave up the time he would otherwise spend with friends by taking you out to your favourite park or the beach where he helped you build your sand castles. He definitely made new friends, those who were your friends’ fathers. He didn’t have a choice when the nearest multiplex featured Avengers and Minions at the same time, he had to show you Minions, & without ever giving a second thought, he did it.

He silently did all that, that was his way of showing love. What may seem like sacrifices made, were just acts of love that no one knew better than a father, your father.

This Father’s Day, don’t forget to call your father or spend some time with him, even if that means sacrificing a few minutes from your lazy Sunday activities.

This goes out as a tribute from Lock Your Stay to all the father’s out there who love their kids more than they love themselves.

You can even check out some unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas we posted last time around.

Happy Father’s Day!

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