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Save Lives, Donate Blood…

In 1901, Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian physician, discovered the first three human blood groups. On his
birthday i.e. June 14th “World Blood Donors Day” is celebrated.
So if you’re a blood donor, you are indeed celebrated!

Blood donation is a noble deed. There is no substitute for human blood, it cannot be manufactured.
It can only come from generous donors.

Blood donation is mostly a voluntary act, in which you don’t get anything in return. Most people
donate blood because they want to help others. You get just a little bit (sarcasm intended) of
prestige for being a blood donor, and you get back blood when you yourself have an accident, have
an operation or are in need of it. What goes around, comes around.

There are indeed quite a few reasons why you should be donating blood RIGHT NOW !
By donating blood once, you help to save up-to 3 lives!
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We help you get your Dream Stay.

Moreover, by donating blood, you establish a relationship beyond all of human understanding. A
relationship based on pure humanity! Similarly by helping you out with your dream stay, we aim to
develop a relationship based on pure trust.

So what are you waiting for?
It’s time to roll up your sleeve and save them lives! Donate your blood on World Blood Donors Day
and send us a photo of your heroic deed! We’ll share and celebrate all our heroes at the end of the
World Blood Donors Day on June 14th on our Facebook page.

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