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The home should be the treasure chest of living

The home should be the treasure chest of living
-Le Corbusier

Hey there!
Moving to a new city?
Looking to book a hotel and then pay visits to hostels and PGs until you finally land a bed you can sleep on until you leave the city?
So what can you do? What will you do?
Here’s what you’ll do:
Browse the web for some Hostels, book a hotel close to the location of your office, move into the city, Search through Hostels to Lock Your Stay. Isn’t that it?

You waste your energy moving from Hostel to Hostel until finally you get a place to reside !
What if there’s an easier way? What if we provide you with the easiest solution to this problem?
Curious? Read on while the mystery unfolds.
A year ago my mom packed my bags and I set out to Chennai to begin my career and achieve heights I had only dreamed of so far.So with the help of information available on the internet, after short-listing a few PGs and Hostels, I set out on a 36 hour journey to Chennai.

Isn’t it frustrating that after completing Graduation and joining my new job, instead of enjoying, exploring the city, the first thing I need to do is find a shelter in the city. I have to physically bear the head-ache of visiting PGs through the corners of the city
On the top I have to rush to the Hostel I choose before it gets Locked (booked)?
Back to square one, eh?!

What if there’s no need to go through all this?
What if there’s a one window service where you can Search-> Select -> Lock Your Stay!
Your wish, our command!

We will be launching soon with our product where you can search for PGs/Hostels available, Select the one that best fits your preference and Lock Your Stay!
All under one window!

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